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Takeout, no POS integration

Takeout, with POS integration 


  1. Look for the App8 Manager icon on your tablet. If the image appears in bright red, your app is updated: 

    If your App8 Manager icon is displaying the old maroon colours, you will need to manually check for an update:

  2. To manually update your App8 Manager, open the Google Play store on your tablet. You should be logged in but if you are not, you can log in with your email or create an account: 

  3. Search "App8 Manager" in the Google Play search bar and click on the first App8 Manager result. You will have an option to "Uninstall" or "Update" if you have an update pending. Otherwise, you will have an "Uninstall" or "Open" option. 

  4. If you have any trouble updating your App8 Manager contact for same day assistance.