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Takeout, no POS integration

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Common App8 Order Taker issues

  1. Printer issues:

    To re-connect, or disconnect and reconnect your printer, click the gear icon in your App8 Order Manager. 

    Look for your printer using the Reconnect Printer button. If you still cannot find it, try looking directly from your tablet's Bluetooth function. If it asks you for a password, try “0000”.

  2. Errors when Accepting/Declining an order:

    Force quit ("close all" or swipe up) the App and re-open. Check to see if the order has moved to Accepted or Cancelled. You will not lose any orders from closing and re-opening the app. Pull up with your finger from the bottom of the screen while the App is open to close.

  3. Issues Logging in and Support:

    If you have forgotten your tablet's password or are having any further issues, please email for assistance or simply use the "submit a ticket" feature under the "App8 Support" section of the settings section. The App8 support email and phone number are also listed in this section if you ever need to contact us.
    If you have forgotten your App8 Order Taker email/password combo, use the “Don’t Remember your Password” link on the login page. If you have not reset your password before, the App8 Order Taker email and password should be the same as your App8 Web Menu Manager login, so it may be saved in your browser. 

  4. Notifications are not ringing out:

    1. Make sure your volume button on your tablet's left-hand side is turned all the way up. The volume button is the long skinny button below the power button. 

    2. Navigate to the settings section in the App8 Order Taker and ensure the notifications settings are set to your specifications:

    3. Force quit the App and reopen it.