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Takeout, no POS integration

Takeout, with POS integration 


  1. Turn your tablet on by holding the small button on the top right side of your device until you feel a vibration. Your tablet will take a few moments to start. 

  2. The App8 Android Tablet will be locked when you receive it. To unlock your tablet tap the number 8 repeatedly. This is your login code:

  3. Once you are logged in it's time to connect the tablet to your wifi. Using a swipe/pull motion with your finger, swipe the tools menu down from the top of your screen. Once you see the WIFI icon, press and hold it with one of your fingers. This will open your wifi menu and you can connect to the appropriate network from there:

  4. Make sure your Bluetooth is also enabled using the same press and hold method. 

  5. From any screen, you can swipe up from the bottom of any open app and pause with your finger in the middle of your screen. Once your apps carousel appears you can release your finger to swipe through and select or close your apps. You may also see a tappable menu with three lines to open the carosel:

  6. Open your App8 Order Taker by tapping the icon: