Applicable products

Takeout, no POS integration

Takeout, with POS integration 

Log into your Web Menu Manager by clicking HERE

  1. Advanced settings can be found on the left-hand side of your menu manager:

    The Advanced settings allows you to:

    Enable a Service Charge

    And Enable Delivery

    Guest experience note:
    You can choose Address, Custom or Stadium as your delivery options. 
    Address will allow your guest to enter their address.
    Stadium will allow your guest to enter their seat number.
    Custom will allow your cust to enter any unique location from a list you create.
  2. You can enter a discount using a Name and % dollar value. This promo will be applied to the total dollar value of a transaction if the Name is entered uppon checkout. You can disable Discounts by untoggling the Enable Discounts toggle: 

  3. You can also customize your menu by colour and font using Customizations: