Applicable products

Takeout, no POS integration

Takeout, with POS integration 

Log into your Web Menu Manager by clicking HERE

  1. Basic navigation:
    Your location’s products will be displayed in the following order:
    Menu > Section > Item. 

    Menu Level 

    Menus can have: 

    • different hours.

    • different order intervals. 

    • different order notice times.

Section Level 

You can add custom: 

  • descriptions to each menu section. 

Item Level 

You can add custom: 

  • Descriptions to each menu item

  • Allergens 

  • Ingredients 

  • Diet restrictions

Your location can have multiple Menus (for different hours or occasions. Ex. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner), Sections (Ex. Appetizers, Mains and Desserts) and Items (Ex. Fresh Cut Fries, BLT, Churros). 

  1. Each Menu, Section and Item feature three black dots that you can click to edit/manage:

    At the highest menu level, you can set/change that menus public availability along with other important features by clicking “Edit”:

    Scroll down to see all the ways in which you can customize your menu to meet your location's needs. The Availability and Schedule sections are a good place to start:

    On Demand: guest's orders will appear ASAP.
    Scheduled: guests will be able to choose the time they wish to pick up their order.
    Orders Require: how much time, minimum, will the kitchen have to make the order.
    Ordering Interval: When can guests order? Ex. Every 15 minutes. 
    Max Orders per Interval: How many guests can order during each interval. 

  2. Descriptions can be added to your menu sections. Follow the same steps to edit an item as you did to edit a menu (three dots, edit) to add a section level description:

  3. Prices can be set at the Item level by size. Follow the same steps to edit an item as you did to edit a menu/section to add your prices:

    Another feature that can be set on the item level is "Out of Stock". This will show the item as unavaliable to the guest until you toggle "Out of Stock" again.