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Takeout, no POS integration

Takeout, with POS integration 


  1. Open the App8 Manager on your tablet:

  2. Once your App8 Manager is open you will be able to Accept/Reject inbound orders from Guests. New orders will show up under the Pending Tab. Tap anywhere on the order to review. Scroll down to Accept or Decline the order. When you Decline, you will be given an option to explain why to the guest. 

     Guest experience notes: 
    Your guest will not be charged in full until you Accept their order. There will be a small pre-authorization fee that will appear on the guest's card when they place their order. If you Decline their order this charge will disappear within three business days. By default, guests will receive a receipt email upon Accepting their order, as well as a receipt text message. These features are configurable. Reach out to if you would like to make changes to your guest communications.

  3. The orders that appear In Progress will order themselves by pickup time. As the pickup time approaches and the meal is cooked and ready to go out the door, tap the order and click Complete. 

    Guest experience notes: 
    When you Complete an order the guest will receive an email and text message indicating their order is ready for pickup. If this guest communication flow does not work with your business, email
     to enable settings customized to your needs. 

  4. Orders will remain in the Completed column for reference for three days, after which time they will disappear To report on or reference old orders please use the Restaurant Portal.  Cancelled orders will also appear for the same length of time.

  5. If you wish to pause ordering during a busy period, click the pause icon in the top right: